15, Dec, 2020
What then is the advantage of going through a mortgage loan broker?

What then is the advantage of going through a mortgage loan broker?

Mortgage loan brokerage service 

Mortgage brokerage service 

The main advantage is to be accompanied and reassured throughout this process by a professional who takes care of everything for you.

With Lite Lender, expert in real estate lending and loan insurance, you will have a tailor-made, quality, efficient and fast service. In fact, the advisers are unrivaled in their responsiveness . Going through a mortgage brokerage service does not offer you a single advantage but in reality several . This is what Lite Lender offers you.

The broker is present to support you throughout your real estate project

The main advantages of a mortgage broker

The main advantages of a mortgage broker

You can start by doing a simple simulation on the website. You do it quietly from home, it does not take you more than 2 minutes and allows you to have an idea as to your financing capacity, current rates, possible monthly payments that will be reimbursed , etc. Please note, this is only to give you an idea, it is not a precise result.

Then you contact one of our advisers for a telephone simulation. Your advisor, expert in mortgage brokerage, will check with you the feasibility of your project.

You will then be offered an appointment within 24 to 48 hours to refine and prepare your file. The office is ideally located in the heart of Paris, perfectly served by metro lines.

Once your file is up, you let your advisor manage everything! He will then take care of putting all the partner banks and the insurance companies into competition . He will defend your project and negotiate the best rates for you based on your profile.

Your advisor will come back to you 10 days later with a firm and final loan offer . He will see you a second time to hand the offer over to you.

Obviously, he does not abandon you here and continues to accompany you until the funds are released . From financial, economic and legal training, he will assist you in your dealings with the bank, the notary and insurance.


  1. The mortgage broker offers you various advantages
  2. The broker saves you time in your loan search
  3. Using a broker like Lite Lender means benefiting from professional support

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